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Bullet Points

What are bullet points?

Bullet points are used to list or draw attention to important points or key facts or issues. The items on the list are not usually in any particular order. We use bullet points to make something clearer or to allow the reader to find information quickly.


The text introducing the list of bullet points should end with a colon. This should be an independent clause and should therefore make sense on its own.

If the text following the bullet point is a phrase or clause, then it does not need to start with a capital letter or have a full stop; however, if the text following the bullet point is a complete sentence, then it should have a capital letter and a full stop.


The key to bullet points is consistency. Pick the most suitable option and stick to it to avoid confusing the reader.


Examples in action

To make the perfect cup of tea, you will need the following items:

  • your favourite mug
  • a teabag
  • milk
  • sugar (if desired)


There are a number of reasons why schools give homework to children:

! It helps children to take responsibility for their work.

! Homework can improve children’s thinking and memory.

! It allows parents to communicate about what their child is learning.



From my window I saw a number of beautiful sites:

! the sun shining brightly;

! a clear blue sky;

! an ocean of rooftops;

! elegant birds flying.