BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Meet our School Council 2020-2021


My name is Alara and I am one of the Year Six School Council representatives. I love helping the younger children. I like doing art, maths, writing and dance. I hope to make our school environmentally friendly and even more fun!


Hi my name is Zachary and I am one of Reception's school council members. I really like animals and my favourite animals are zebras, lions and tigers.  The best thing about coming to school is being able to play with my friends and I also enjoy our maths lessons.


Hi my name is James and I am one of the Year Two school council representatives. I really enjoy playing football with my brother and daddy in the garden.

At school I like writing about our exciting book units. 



Hi my name is Eva and I am one of the Year Three School Council representatives. At school, I enjoy science and painting in art. Berkswich is a lovely school with very nice people. I will be a great School Council member because I am kind and respectful to everyone.


Hi my name is Louie and I am one of the Year Three School Council representatives. I enjoy maths challenges and basketball. I am interested in helping out and setting up sports clubs in school. 






Hi, I'm Eva and I'm a Year 5 school council representative. I like playing the cornet, throughly love learning history and playing rugby. I like helping the younger children in school and hope to make school fun, creative and environmentally friendly.



Hello, my name is Alex and I’m a Year Six School Council representative for Berkswich. My favourite school subject is writing, and I like drama and the musical arts - especially singing! I think Berkswich Primary School is a very happy, fun and safe environment - and I hope the little ones in Berkswich see Year Six as a class they can look up to. 


Hello, I’m Ellis and I am one of the Year Four School Council representatives. I enjoy playing the flute and drawing lots of pictures. My favourite subject at school is art. I would like to help Berkswich become more environmentally friendly.



Hello, I’m Nieve and I am one of the Year Four School Council representatives. I like writing stories, playing with my friends and I enjoy drawing 3D pictures. I want to make Berkswich an even better place for everyone.





   Hi I'm Amber and I'm a Year Two school council member. I really like the maths challenges at

   school. At weekends and during holidays I enjoy going on bike rides with mum and dad. I love

   to help younger children with their learning.


Hi, I'm Codie im a year 5 council member. I like riding my bike, football and swimming.

At school, I throughly enjoy D.T and P.E.                 

                             I am always helpful and have a smile!


Hi, my name is Isla and I am one of Reception's school council members. My favourite things to do are swimming and looking at books. I like being able to paint at school and explore in our outside area. PE is my favourite lesson.


Hello! My name is Kailas and I am named after a mountain. I like to do archery and I like space and science. I enjoy helping people and spreading lovely and joyful ideas around the school. I like to set an example to the younger children. I enjoy lots of creative activities and games and my favourite hobby is martial arts.



I'm Sienna and I'm one of the Year Six School Council representatives at Berkswich. I love baking, walking my dog and helping the little children throughout school.