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Classroom Instructions

Let's Practise Classroom Instructions

Click on the sound files below to listen to each instruction. We will practise these by playing games in school. Can you teach someone these at home too? 



Put your chairs under

Be quiet


Stand up


Look at me

Tidy up the desk


Sit down

Off you go

Come to the carpet

Can you have a go at making yourself some game cards? Take care to spell every word correctly, including any accents or punctuation.


Siéntate [sit down]

levántate [stand up]
arregla las sillas [put your chairs under]
cállate [be quiet]

escucha [listen]

mira [look]
mírame [look at me]

ven a la alfombra [come to the carpet]

repite [repeat]

recoge la mesa [tidy up the desk]

¡vamos! [off you go!]
vamos a jugar [let’s play]