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Different ways to write the words

Tired of practising words in the same way? Why not try one of these ideas? Remember to write in sentences too. 



Stair steps

Say the first letter and take step. Say the first two and take a step and so on until the word has been written. Children then write words as if they are stairs, adding one letter each time. This is particularly useful when a child keeps missing a letter out (e.g. ‘wich’ instead of ‘which’).


Basketball Hoops

 Say the word. Spell it out by bouncing an imaginary basketball for every letter of the word. When the word has been spelt, then say the word again, whilst jumping into the air and shooting a basket!



Firework Spellings

First gather some (imaginary) fireworks; for each letter, say the letter out loud and then reach and grab a firework. When the word is complete, then say the whole word and throw the fireworks to explode in the sky (whilst making a loud bang, pop, whizz or other firework sound).




Pyramid spellings

Each child sorts their words into order, depending on how difficult they find them. The one that the child finds the easiest is written once, the one that is a little harder is written twice and so on...



thoughtful thoughtful

senseless senseless senseless

graceful graceful graceful graceful

motionless motionless motionless motionless