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Digital writing

In Spring 1, we explored using the keyboard in Microsoft Word. We learnt certain keyboard skills and how to use tools in Word.

We explored using the letters on a keyboard and we wrote different words. We learnt that most keyboard letters are in capital letter form. 

We learnt to use the spacebar to put finger spaces in sentences.

We learnt how to use CAPS LOCK or shift to type letters as Capital Letters.

We learnt how to use the enter button to find the next line. We also explored the Bold, Italic and Underline buttons. We found that these could be used to make text stand out.

We learnt how to select text using the trackpad. To do this we had to left click and drag across the text we wanted to select. We then explored how to make text smaller or larger. 

We also explored the backspace button to delete text. We also explored using undo and redo tools if we made mistakes.