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The internet



This week we learnt about networks and how we can send and receive messages within or network. We then looked at how routers can link our network to other networks, and how we can connect to other countries.

We role-played passing messages to and from different networks.



We also thought of reasons why we need to keep our network safe, for example:

  • People could get our information and find out where we live or any other data about us
  • They could steal our identity
  • Money could be taken from accounts
  • Our school computers could stop working
  • We could be scammed
  • People could try to trick us into joining different teams or groups
  • We could be tricked into meeting somebody we don’t know.




The children have been learning about the parts of a network and how they connect to each other to form the internet. They can explain how the internet lets us view the World Wide Web and recognise that the World Wide Web is part of the internet which contains websites and web pages. 




The children explored what can be shared on the World Wide Web and where websites are stored. They also considered how the World Wide Web can be accessed on a variety of devices. The children discussed that websites and their content are created by people. Pupils then had a go at creating their own content on the World Wide Web by using a tool called Chrome Music Lab.



The children have been learning that not everything online is honest or true and considering what you should think about before sharing information online.

The class looked at lots of different edited images and tried to work out which ones were real and which were fake, then we created our own transition chain experiment to see how far each of our own written massagers would spread around the room. Then the class asked themselves; do we know who our information was shared with after the first share? Could we easily get it back after a few shares? Were the messages I collected from other people in the class all true or not?