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Representing Berkswich CE

Representing Berkswich


There are times when we members of our school are asked to represent our entire community.


We were grateful to be asked by St Mary’s in Stafford to choose a pupil to sign the Books of Condolence for Queen Elizabeth. The pages will be bound and transferred to the community archives. It was difficult to choose just one representative: many children in our community responded to the sad news with letters and prayers of gratitude. 


Harry (Year Six) was selected for his incredibly thoughtful responses and for the way in which he reflects our school values of compassion and respect. Independently, he wrote the following for the Book of Condolence:


Berkswich CE Primary School and its community would like to pass on our sincere condolences to the royal family. We remember her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for her loyalty, dedication and kindness to her people. We loved her for her fancy hats, colourful clothes and her love for the church. May she live in peace with her husband in Heaven. With all our love and our prayers.

Long live the king.