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The children's learning journey from Early Years to Year Six

Our Berkswich CE History Learning Journey


Key ideas are repeated within different units over each year and across the year groups. Children, parents and carers are able to view these journeys in their books to understand where their learning is headed; the children are able to look back to continue to build on previous learning and to make new connections. 


You will note that the EYFS builds the foundation of understanding ready for Key Stage One.  Activities and experiences in EYFS guide children to know some similarities and differences between things in the past and now through books, storytelling and drawing on their own experiences. They will be able to talk about the lives of the people around them and improve their understanding of the past.


Please click on the PDF below to view a full-quality version. 

To learn more about the concepts threaded throughout the learning, please click here.

To find out more about our intent for the history curriculum, the history policy and overviews with summaries of each unit across school, please return to the history home page.