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Autumn Two Our Safety



We have been learning the PANTS rule in PSHE. Who should be allowed to look at what is inside our pants. We know that only our parents/carers or doctors can look at our private parts. We used the P.A.N.T.S acronym to help us learn:


Privates are private

Always remember your body belongs to you

No means no

Talk about secrets that upset you

Speak up, someone can help

Keeping Safe with Medicines

Year Three have been looking into keeping safe with medicine. We know we should never take medicine on our own or help ourselves to it - it could be really dangerous! We made some posters to help let others know the importance of medicine safety.

Say NO to peer pressure!

Should you do something just because your friend told you to? NO. We know that even if we see others doing the wrong thing we shouldn't listen. Just because we see other people doing things, we know it isn't always right. We know to trust ourselves and do what we think is right.