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Spellings are a vital part of learning at Berkswich. In Year One we learn the most frequent words found in the English language that don't follow phonetic rules (common exception words) basic spelling rules. Each child has a personalised list of spellings to learn at home. They are tested at least once every two weeks.


For more information about how the Spelling scheme at Berkswich works and how you can support your child with their spellings, please watch the PowerPoint presentation below.



These are some fun ways to learn your spellings at home. You can give them a go with your family or even try them on your own.


Popcorn Spellings!

Write each spelling on a post it note and scrunch it up. Then pop them into your popcorn tub, choose your spelling and give it a go.


Hide and seek spellings.

Write each spelling on an A4 piece of paper and then ask someone to put them around your house or garden. You have to find each spelling around the house and write it on a piece of paper. Then return with all of them spelt correctly.


Be the teacher!

Create a song or a rhyme to remember each spelling. Then teach them to your family. If you have a chalkboard, you can even write them on there.


Story creation

We love to use our imagination in Year One. So try this! With your five spellings, or your big test, make a story out of the words. The only rule is that you ahve to use them all. You can make it as silly as you want!