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Vector Drawing

Vector Drawing


Over the last few weeks, Year Five have been introduced to vector drawings and how they are made up of simple shapes and lines. We looked at examples of vector drawings that we see in everyday life before having a go at creating an image using different shaped pieces of paper - take a look at our creations!

We have been using Microsoft Publisher to complete this unit and so far we have learnt how to duplicate multiple objects. Building on from our paper vector drawings, we created them using a computer. We learnt that we could use the copy and paste tool to be more efficient.


We have been grouping objects to make them easier to work with, copying and pasting these images, and then making simple alterations. Look at our wonderful vector drawings!

Vector vs Paint


We have looked at the benefits of creating a vector drawing instead of a painted drawing on a computer. We agreed that vector images looked most effective and considered the reasons why. We discussed that a vector drawing creates a sharper and clearer image as they are made up of shapes that can be resized easily.