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3D modelling masters

3D Modelling Masters!


Year Six have been tinkering in (yes, you've guessed it!), Tinkercad. 

An introduction to CAD


Year Six started off by considering why anyone would use Computer Aided Design (CAD). We came up with many ideas...




The children learnt how CAD is used in movies, animations, video games, interior design, and architecture to produce characters, objects, and structures, along with being the basis for producing models for 3D printing.


To investigate the tools within Tinkercad, the children rose to the challenge of creating a maze.




Isabelle S, completed her maze and had time for a little tinkering - a great way to make new discoveries!


Children progressed onto resizing, rotating, lifting and understanding the scale of the work plane. The house-building task meant that the children had to keep checking from different orientations, to check that they were building correctly. Neive made many new discoveries and checked her design from every angle. 



Tyler went on to investigate with free-form shapes.


Fred's example below demonstrates the next stage, where the children learnt how to create spaces within shapes. Using this new skill, the children created a pencil pot to an exact design brief. It was easy to just use judgement, but the children had to use the dimension boxes to set precise measurements - not as easy as it sounds! This took persistence and patience, not to mention many attempts to produce the final product design.