BerkswichCE Primary School

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Children will need to bring their spelling book to school every day please.

Every fortnight, your child will be tested on their highlighted set of spellings. The test will be carried out by a teacher or a teaching assistant. Correct spellings will be ticked and incorrect ones will be dotted. Once all of the set has been written correctly, then your child will move on to the next set.

Sometimes a child will spell a word correctly at home and then incorrectly in school. It is important that the child does not go on to the next set before every word is remembered and spelt correctly in school. Sufficient time must be given to ensuring that the spellings are remembered in the long-term. 

When a child needs to be tested on more than one set - during a 'big check-up', where the previous spellings are revisited in sentences to ensure retention - then this may take a little longer.