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Autumn One

Autumn One



To start the autumn term in Year Three, we will be diving into the Ted Hughes Novel – The Iron Man. As a class, we will be exploring the impact grammar features and vocabulary has on a reader. We will aim for these skills to be the foundations for our own writing throughout the year. Using our class book, Year Three children will expand their knowledge on the use of fronted adverbials, direct speech and prepositions in preparation to create their own descriptive narrative on the fiction tale.



Put on your coats… if you dare! Year Three will be learning how to summarise, use a dictionary and use inference skills by reading and analysing the book: 'Beware the Killer Coat' by Susan Gates. Children may purchase their own copy and bring this to school.



Maths in Year Three will kick start with building our understanding of number representation up to 4 digits. Place value is an area of maths which allows us to be hands on and active in our learning. By using concrete materials, children will explore the how we can represent numbers up to 1000. This skill will allow the children to make further connections with other areas of Mathematics. We will apply our knowledge to problem solving questions and reasoning questions to deepen our understanding. Further to this, a main focus in Year Three is to become fluent and confident in our 3s, 4s and 8s times tables. Times Table Rockstars will guide us there in no time!




Science in Year Three begins with the exploration of the world beneath us – rocks and soil! Through the use of prediction, observation and experiment, we will unearth how we name, classify and understand different types of rocks. Further to this, we will explore the history rocks have allowed us to discover. We will become palaeontologists and discover the formation of fossils. By imagining we are on the coast of Lyme Regis, we will make our own fossils and create our very own museum. To conclude our topic, we will explore the question ‘is mud and soil the same thing?’



Physical Education gets turned up a notch in Key Stage 2 – Swimming! Every Tuesday morning, come rain or shine, Year Three will be venturing to Walton High School swimming pool for their weekly lessons. Swimming is a lifelong skill which we will aim to improve throughout the year through perseverance and dedication. For our in-school lessons, we will be building on out fundamental fitness skills which underpin our ability in other sports. Healthy and active life styles are important for the body and the brain!



During autumn one, Year Three we be learning about computing networks and the difference between the internet and the WWW. Computing underpins and is used across our curriculum.



Our first area of focus for Art is animals! Exploring the history and artists who are famous for their animal work will guide us to create our own masterpieces. We will be covering many different aspects, from the fine detail of a paint brush to bold, abstract collages. In particular, American artist, Megan Coyle will be the inspiration of our end piece in which we will link to climate change and create our own exhibition!



In History, we will be turning back the clock 2.5 million years and visit our ancestors who lived in the Stone Age. Throughout our investigations, we will explore the meaning of time between then and now and how our lives have changed. North of our own island lies the prehistoric village of Skara Brae, a key area to our investigation. To deepen our understanding of this key period in time, we will have a Stone Age day where we will transport back into time.



Year Three will be covering the unit ’My Class‘ in PSHE where they will learn about their identity and how they can positively contribute to our class and the wider school.



Bienvenida al español! Children in Year Three will be learning Spanish! Learning a language is an important skill. From pronunciation to word recognition, the children will be fluent in no time!