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Autumn One

Autumn One



We are poets! To begin the school year, we will be diving into poetry and exploring the language poets. We will be writing our own poems about animals looking closely into 'The Eagle' and covering other poems such as 'The Magic Box' and 'River Lullaby'. We will be mastering our performance poetry skills and we are exciting to share our 'Storm' performance with you soon.




Maths in Year Three will kick start with place value and building our understanding of number representation up to 4 digits. Place value allows us to be hands on and practical with our resources to explore how different numbers can be represented to help strengthen our understanding. This skill allows children to make further connections with other maths topics we will be covering throughout the year. We will apply this exciting new knowledge to a range of problems solving and reasoning questions to deepen our understanding of place value. Throughout Year Three we will be focusing on becoming fluent in our 3s, 4s and 8 times tables. If you would like more opportunities to learn these times tables outside of school, Times Table Rockstars (TTRS) is an exciting way to master our times tables.


Our first science topic is Animals including Humans. This exciting topic gets us moving our bodies and using our brains! In this unit we will be learning about our skeleton, muscles and nutrition in order to make sure we are fit and healthy! In this unit we also begin to understand how our skeletons compare to different animals and how their skeletons can help them move and protect them!




Physical Education gets turned up a notch in Key Stage 2 – Swimming! Every Thursday afternoon, come rain or shine, Year Three will be venturing to Walton High School swimming pool for their weekly lessons. Swimming is a lifelong skill which we will aim to improve throughout the term through perseverance and dedication. For our in-school lessons, we will be building on out fundamental fitness skills which underpin our ability in other sports. We will cover ball skills, balance, locomotion perfect our skills ready to put them to the test throughout the year. We will cover the importance of a healthy lifestyle and develop teamwork skills along the way.



During autumn one, Year Three we be learning about computing networks and the difference between the internet and the WWW. Computing skills from previous years will continue to be used and are seen across our curriculum.



Our first area of focus for DT is pneumatics. We will be learning more about where in the world we can find pneumatics and hydraulics and what they can be used for. We will be discovering the design process and using our skills creating an exciting project.



In History, we will be turning back the clock 2.5 million years and visit our ancestors who lived in the Stone Age. Throughout our investigations, we will explore the meaning of time between then and now and how our lives have changed. We will be investigating key differences between then and now and discover how they used to get food and where they used to live. We will be investigating key stone age sites to aid with our historic investigation such as Skara Brae to help deepen our knowledge.




Year Three will be covering the unit 'Family and Relationships'. This will allow us to discuss important topics such as conflict in friendships, knowing who to trust, respecting our differences and stereotyping. 





Bienvenida al español! Children in Year Three will be learning Spanish! Learning a language is an important skill. From pronunciation to word recognition, the children will be fluent in no time! Our first Spanish unit will introduce the children to the way in which we will tackle speaking, listening and writing Spanish with a willingness to have a go, make mistakes and seek ways to keep improving. Our celebration of learning Spanish will include learning to talk about themselves and their feelings, how to greet others and count up to ten. Do let us know if you have any expertise in this area: we’d love to hear from Spanish speakers in our community.  



Children will take part in the first of two units learning to play the recorder. This instrument will allow the children to develop their understanding of notation and rhythms. They will develop their technical skills through repetition and eager evaluation. Please see the Bring Me page to find out more about when the children will need to bring their recorder in each week (this is provided by school in response to our continued commitment to every child a musician). The children will also listen to compositions by Richard Strauss as part of their learning about music history.