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Autumn One

Autumn One



In our class text, we will be teleported from our Year Three classroom all the way back to the Stone Age. What will we see and learn on this adventure? This text links with our history unit ’The Stone Age‘ where we will further investigate the lives of our ancestors. Throughout our class book, children will develop their writing skills and learn how to use fronted adverbials, direct speech and create their own Stone Age adventure by writing a narrative story.  



Put on your coats… if you dare! Year Three will be learning how to summarise, use a dictionary and use inference skills by reading and analysing the book: 'Beware the Killer Coat' by Susan Gates. Children may purchase their own copy and bring this to school.



Maths, this half term, involves place value of numbers up to three-digits. In Year Three, we love to be hands on and problem solve with numbers up to 1000 using concrete resources such as base 10 blocks and place value counters. We will apply our knowledge of place value to formal written methods for addition and subtraction. Please continue with learning your times tables at home and practising your knowledge on Times Table Rock Stars.


Science Rocks

Year Three are going to be introduced to the wonderful world of rocks. Through experiments and scientific observation, we will be classifying, naming and understanding different rocks. Then, we will become palaeontologists and discover the formation of fantastic fossils. Finally, as soil scientists, we will discover how soil is formed and its incredible properties through exciting experiments.



PE is very exciting in Year Three as we go swimming at Walton High School every week. We will also be developing and refining the fundamental skills that underpin sports and physical activity. PE will continue to be threaded through the curriculum to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.



During Autumn one, Year Three we be learning about computing networks and the difference between the internet and the WWW. Computing underpins and is used across our curriculum. Using iMovie and green screens, we will be creating our very own trailer for the Stone Age.



In art, we will be focusing on the Renaissance and the techniques that artists used at this time. Leonardo da Vinci is the Renaissance artist that we will be focusing on and we will be replicating his techniques when drawing movement, the human body dimensions and the Mono Lisa.



Surviving the Stone Age! Our history adventure will transport us to back to the Stone Age where we will investigate how life was so very different to how it is today. As archaeologists, we will be investigating the importance of artefacts and we will try to answer the big question: why was Stonehenge built?


Religious Education

This half term, we will be learning about the Trinity. The children will be taught about the how the Trinity is interwoven into the Bible and Christian teachings. During this learning, we will also look at the importance and significance of water and baptism in the Christian faith.



Children will be learning to understand how compositions and performances differ depending on the intended mood of the piece and applying this to their own musical performances. 



Year Three will be covering the unit ’My Class‘ in PSHE where they will learn about their identity and how they can positively contribute to our class and the wider school.