BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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My Class

Our Class Rules



In Nursery, we are learning new rules and routines so that the nursery is a happy and safe space to learn in. We are becoming familiar with the environment both indoors and outdoors and are beginning to know how to take care of the resources. We are building skills to become an effective learner and know that when we do…


Good sitting on the mat

Good looking at the person who is talking

Good listening to the person who is talking

We become Good thinkers

And Good at remembering




Daily Routines


In Nursery we have been learning the routines of the day. At the beginning of each session we use the visual timetable so that the children are aware of what activities are going on throughout the session. The children are becoming familiar with these routines and they can refer to the timetable displayed in nursery to help them understand what is happening next. The children are learning to take responsibility for their belongings, and they know where to put their coats, drink bottles and lunch bags when they come into nursery.

Our Classroom Environment


The children are becoming more familiar with their surroundings and the resources available to them. They take care of the resources by handling them with care and tidying them away safely at the end of each session. The nursery is set up so that the children have access to all areas of learning within the EYFS curriculum. The children know the different activities on offer each day and can talk about what to do in each area.


Here are some snap shots of us exploring our indoor and outdoor learning environments: