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My Class



Our Class Rules


In Reception, we are all equally responsible for creating a safe and happy learning environment to learn and flourish in. During the first few weeks we worked together to put together five simple rules, which we have all promised to adhere to. Looking at our five fingers throughout the school day will help us to remember the rules:


  • To move around the classroom safely            
  • To keep our classroom safe and tidy
  • To show kindness
  • To be respectful of others
  • To always try our best




Daily Routines


In Reception we have routines for every part of the day. These help us to ensure that no time is wasted and that everybody knows what is expected of them. During the first few weeks we have spent lots of time going over the routines and helping each other to remember them. The routines that we have in place teach the children to become more independent, organised and responsible for their own belongings. Our visual timetable is constantly referred to throughout the day to help the children remember what is next and what we have done so far. Referring to the timetable also helps the children to gain an awareness of how long the school day is and supports them if they are feeling anxious or worried. 




School Council Members


During the first couple of weeks we discussed what the 'School Council' is all about and the children took some time to consider whether they would like to get involved in this aspect of school life. 


Within our class we voted for who we thought would be the best school council members for this year. 


When the two chosen members were announced everybody congratulated them. This proved to be a good time to talk about how we don't always get chosen for something that we would like to. Dealing with these kinds of emotions can be tricky and this is something we are learning to do respectfully in Reception. 


Meet our school council members:


Our Classroom Environment


Getting to know our classroom environment is a really important aspect of being in Early Years. The children have become familiar with where resources are kept in the classroom and how to tidy these away safely. Understanding what types of learning they are going to be exposed to in each area of the classroom helps the children to understand how to use the different areas effectively. Whilst learning about the layout of the classroom the children have learnt new vocabulary which they may have never come across before,  such as 'construction area', 'phonics table', 'prayer table' etc. 


Here are some snap shots of us exploring our indoor and outdoor learning environments: