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Celebrating Our Learning - July

Lily's gymnastics.mp4

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Lily's languages

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Ruby has drawn an amazing waterfall scene. 


Beth's maths questions - Can you work them out?


Amazing maths work, Emma.


There's more! You have been working hard!




Lily has been making a promise bracelet for her mum and a ring for her dad. Very thoughtful of you, Lily.



Look at these beautiful cards that Kitty and her nan have been making.


Kitty's amazing art work inspired by Andy Warhol.


Beth has been creating some African art work - well done!


Fantastic art work, Lily!


Congratulations, Hollie and Beth C on your fantastic results in dance.


Happy birthday, Ruby!





As part of celebrating volunteer week- Eva decided to write a poem to thank her Brownie leaders for all their amazing hard work in lock down. What a fantastic, rhyming poem, Eva!


Let's give them a big cheer

Julies lots of fun

For everyone

Amy is very enthusiastic

But she does not like plastic

She is very kind Hannah is

Always up for a quiz

Lucy is very arty

And loves a party

Molly is always happy

Never snappy

Sally is the best

She is the backbone of the rest

She is kind and caring and all those things

Happiness is what Sally brings

So thank you to you all

You always give us a ball

So thank you"


Eva enjoyed berry picking and made a beautiful summer berries lattice pie- yum!