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Staying safe online

What is On-line Safety?


There is so much to enjoy online and so much to discover. Learning how to stay safe online in school and at home is an important part of using the internet and devices. Learning to stay safe is about learning to make careful decisions and knowing what to do if something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried.


Learning to be responsible and happy online


We call this Digital Literacy in school. Together, each year, you will learn how to protect and manage your personal information, your online reputation and how to judge the information that is available. You will also learn how to treat others with kindness and respect and how to deal with anything that makes you or others feel unhappy. 


How does school keep us safe on the computers and ipads that we use?


We use a special system in school, which records screen and keyboard shots of any words and phrases that may be worrying. We keep an eye on these in school to help everyone to stay happy and safe. For example, it means that if someone is searching for something online that could be upsetting, then school will know straight away that a search has taken place.


School has special systems in place to help you to search safely and filter out sites that are not suitable for you. 



Scroll down to view more information, games and advice for children.






Click above to report anything on-line that has worried you.



Children - check out these great sites. Stay SMART, take care of yourself and others on-line.

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