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Achieve, Believe and Care

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Staying happy and safe online

Every day is an online safe day      

The children have been debating how they should react when faced with different scenarios, when working or playing online. Here are a couple of questions for you to consider - I wonder which option you think is correct: 

A pop up comes up saying I have won £1000. Would I…? 

  1. Fill out the form straight away and wait for the money 
  2. Ignore it 
  3. Ask someone what to do 

Someone asks me for a selfie. Would I…? 

  1. Agree, but take ten goes to get it right 
  2. Smile and nail it first time 
  3. Run a mile 


We have been thinking about our mental health and how it can be impacted by our use of   technology. We decided that it is important to use it responsibly by limiting our time using technology and to make sure that we don’t use it just before bedtime as this will affect our sleep.


Year Four want to promote positive online relationships and steer others away from online bullying. 

We considered how it would feel to be bullied online, that we have the power over our choices and we created a list of tips to be kind online. 

  1. Don’t use inappropriate language 
  2. Stay away from anything that you think is harmful 
  3. Check what you have written, is kind, before you send it 
  4. Be careful not to post inappropriate pictures or text 
  5. Steer away from joining in with bullying behaviour – encourage positive behaviour 
  6. Tell an adult if you are not happy with how someone is treating you