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Spring One

What are we learning about in Spring One?



In English, we will be focusing on Trash by Andy Mulligan. Year Six will be introduced to the dismal lives of three boys working on the Trash sites in Behala. Then one day, they find something that will change their lives forever… This fast paced, action book, told from different viewpoints, will have the class on the edge of their seats. Year Six will stop just before the end and write their own multi-narrative endings from the children’s points of view. What do you think will happen?



Year Six will study the units ratio, algebra and decimals. Year Six will learn ratio and the skills of scale drawing and scaling through a class text ‘Cut Down to Size’. It won't make sense yet, but we will have such fun on crazy hair day! Year Six will learn how to substitute, solve one and two-step equations and problem solve with algebra. In our decimal unit, we will look at adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals.



In history, Year Six will travel back in time to the Victorian era. To fully immerse ourselves, we will be going to Blists Hill on a class trip and experience a day as a Victorian child (I think you’ll prefer modern-day school)! Year Six will look at the different jobs in this time period and investigate societal change as a middle class is formed and the impact that this had.




We are looking at South America in geography this term. Using atlases, paper and digital maps, Year Six will investigate the different countries in South America. They will create their own graphs in excel to describe population diversity and distribution and the factors causing this. In depth, Year Six will study the main river basins and the Andes mountain range using topographic maps.



In our Evolution and Inheritance module, Year Six will learn about inheritance and characteristics between parents and offspring. We will study natural selection and how plants and animals have changed over time to become specially adapted to their environments.



We will be creating wonderful websites this half term. Using Google sites, Year Six will be learning how to create a home page, subpages and how to hyperlink these whilst considering copyright and understanding HTML. They will carefully consider the purpose and audience of their intended user.