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Summer One My Health

Year Five have been exploring the importance of balancing screen time to support wellbeing. The children thought carefully about how we could focus on using devices to promote our wellbeing.

Here are some of their suggestions:

  • fitness apps to get you moving,
  • watching videos to learn a new skill,
  • listening to an audio book or music,
  • using a sketching/drawing app.

We also discovered that screen time breaks are important to give our eyes and brains a rest from screens. The children shared ideas for things to do during a screen time break, such as reading a book, playing outside, doing some arts and crafts, spending time with family.

Year Five would definitely recommend balancing time on screen with other activities as a way of looking after yourself!


We have been learning about mental and physical health and ways that we can look after both of these equally important things.


We discussed positive ways in which we can look after our mental and physical health. After sharing our ideas, we reflected on the ones that we thought were most important and added these to our own 'Wellbeing Jars'. Enjoy looking out some examples of these.