BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Contact the Governors

Compilments and Concerns

The governing board would like to hear from you:


  • If you are happy with the service the school provides and would like to compliment the staff and its pupils;
  • If you have any suggestions about how the school can improve the quality of its provision;
  • Or have a complaint or concern. All complaints will be taken seriously and given full and proper consideration in accordance with the Complaints Policy.


Email the Chair of Governors:



Do you have feedback, a question or a comment for the governing board?

Please do feel free to ask our chair of governors a question or send in a comment. Use the link below to complete an online form.


Click here to to leave feedback, ask a question or make a comment.



To find out how questions have been acted upon, please see the feedback page. Your question will be anonymised and included with your permission. ​