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The children's learning journey from Early Years to Year Six

Our Berkswich CE RE Learning Journey


Key concepts and ideas are repeated within different units over each year, and across the year groups. Children are able to view these journeys on the website and within each music lesson. This supports them in understanding where their learning is headed; the children are able to look back to continue to build on previous learning and to make new connections. 


You will note that the Early Years prepares the way ahead to provide the opportunity to ​​​develop a growing awareness of themselves as musicians, to enjoy diversity in music, sing well-known nursery rhymes and songs with increasing accuracy and perform with others and enjoying moving in time. Children develop a wide musical vocabulary and an enjoyment of making their own music. EYFS learning opportunities provides a structure in which to develop learning into Key Stage One and beyond. 


A copy of the full learning journey for music can be viewed by clicking the link below.

To learn more about the elements (dimensions) and concepts that thread through our curriculum, please click here.


To find out more about our intent for the music curriculum, the music policy and overviews with summaries of each unit across school, please return to the music home page.