BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Arts, Design and Crafts



Being creative is an excellent way to keep ourselves busy and stimulate our minds. Have a look at the list to see if there is anything that you could have a go at…


  • Join author Rob Bidulph to learn how to draw characters online: biddulph
  • Make a home-made bird feeder and watch them come flocking!
  • Lots of us have mindfulness colouring books; now is the time to dust them off with some relaxing colouring…
  • Hold a paper aeroplane competition. Compare different designs and see how well they fly and land
  • Make a set of bookmarks to encourage reading.
  • Use insulating or masking tape to create a road map on your floor. Drive toy cars around your imaginary town and use other toys as landmarks and local characters.
  • Create an artistic collage – cut out from magazines and catalogues, use stickers and paint to bring it to life. If you have an empty picture frame it can go on the wall.
  • Raid the garden for decent sized stones and do some rock paintings.
  • Ask your parent/carer if you have an old white t-shirt and fabric dye to create a tie-dye masterpiece.
  • Turn odd socks into sock puppets:
  • Any old tins? Ask an adult to help you to clean them out and make your own desk organiser or indoor plant pot.
  • Ask an adult to visit Pinterest for you for the best crafts ideas from making bowls and dreamcatchers to fire-breathing dragons and fairy houses.