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Drawing Spheres


Drawing Spheres

You can practise drawing a sphere with a pencil or crayon. You need to focus on the highlights and the shading and remember to blend in circles, not straight lines. You will need to add a shadow on the shaded side of your sphere. For the highlight, you can use a rubber to erase any smudges. The link below shows how to draw and shade a sphere:


When you have finished, can you draw a spherical object in your house? Maybe a piece of fruit, a pebble or a ball. Remember the importance of shadow and highlight.


If you want to challenge yourself, you could draw a spherical object in your house and create highlight and shade using a different medium. Instead of pencil, maybe you could use paint, tissue paper, crayons, chalk, anything you like, it is up to you.


Please feel free to send finished pictures to me on seesaw and I can display them on the website.


I can’t wait to see what you will create!