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Connecting Computers

Connecting Computers!

To begin our Year Three journey, we have explored 'Connecting Computers'.


We have learn about how digital devices work and we can identify input and output devices. In one lesson, we investigated how information is shared on a computer. We have enjoyed representing how messages are sent and how using a network can allow people to access the same information. In another lesson, we explored our school and searched for our whole school server. As well as this, we looked at how our teachers' computers connect to this. 


We discussed the purpose of a range of devices and spoke about what each one could be used for. 


'Some devices can be used for the same thing but you wouldn't choose to make a call on a laptop if you had a phone in your hand'


'I would choose to take a picture with a smartphone as you can do more things on it, rather than carry a digital camera as well'

A table to show the purpose of different devices