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Year Five Leavers 2025

Please enjoy a celebration of learning in Year Five - learning that builds upon the music experiences throughout school. By clicking on the notes below, you will be able to gain an insight into just a few of the many rich opportunities that the children have taken part in. Further examples will be added each half term. Please see the newsletter for more details about music learning in school and the community. Do speak to your child's class teacher if you would like more information, or feel free to visit the main music area on our website  (click here).  


Please view learning from last year below...

The children in Year Four have enjoyed a busy year of music. A highlight was working alongside Manchester Camerata to compose the finale piece for an interschool theatre concert.




Create with Camerata

Delivered by Manchester Camerata funded

by The Music Partnership


Year Four have thoroughly enjoyed their opportunity to work with members of the Manchester Camerata in order to compose and perform their own song.


Prior to the visit at school, the children created a list of key words and phrases linked to their theme of 'home' from Roald Dahls book, Matilda. Take a look at the process that we worked through to create our ideas for lyrics.


Word bank:

loving, warm, caring, delighted, sharing, aesthetic, curious, laid back, future, grateful, joyful, excited, bouncy, shy, happy, worried, sleepy, overwhelmed, cosy, relaxed, precious, free, gleeful, glowing, glory, ecstatic, loved, friendship, colourful, fortunate, overjoyed, attached, honey, home, lucky, merry, flowers, glee, skipping, kind, fabulous, safe, protected, fragile


Word association:

relaxed: chilled, peaceful, calm, laid back

warm: cosy, love, merry

flowers: colourful, bright, lucky

Miss Honey: sweet, happy, kind

free: freedom, escaped, joyful, adventurous, energetic, detached 

honey: sugary, sticky, sweet

amazed: stunned, thrilled, frozen

delighted: glowing, happy, gleeful

loved: thankful, caring, grateful



caring: sharing, wearing

care: share, hair, wear, stair, fair, dare, tear, flair

honey: yummy, funny, sunny, bunny

love: above, dove, glove

cosy: rosy, nosey, dozy

home: phone, known, gnome

luck: duck, book, cook

warm: storm, swarm



free: fun, fantastic, fabulous, fast, free, flowers, family, fly, food

warm: wish, wonder, wand

loving: life, lollies, light, little, laces

cosy: curious, camping, creatures

delight: daring, dinner, dragons



a happy, small and beautiful house

a caring, loving parent in her home

a loving, learning, precious, perfect parent

lying back, not home alone

delighting, daring parent always by my side

loving mother always there for me

enduring friendship started, never will it end

my home like honey, sugary and sweet

now I'm free: adventurous, energetic and detached

I'm out - how thrilled and stunned 

flowers spring up with joy 

Miss Honey swings Matilda on the swing

love spreads as a dove flies by

love to listen to words wondering around my head

warm storm in a cosy home wrapping up tight

little love bugs in a sweet home


Finish the sentence

Matilda hopes and dreams of having a cosy house.

Matilda hopes that she will have peace and love.

Matilda hopes that she will live in kindness.

Matilda hopes that she lives with Miss Honey happily.

Matilda hopes that she will dream of having hugs.

Matilda hopes that she can live out her dreams.

Peace and a happy home in the sunshine.

Peace is at home and she thinks of sweet dreams.

Peace is in our hearts, now and forever.

Love spills around the house in the cottage.

Love is with Matilda as she has a book.

Love grows on vines in our heart.


Two of the team visited Year Four on Wednesday 8th March to support our composing.



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The following section will be added to as your child moves on to their next year group...