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Corona Virus - Children's Mental Health Information



Guidance and practical tools to support children’s mental health during the coronavirus crisis.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought many new and unexpected challenges to children’s mental health and wellbeing. In the current climate, it is more important than ever that we support children’s mental health. 


The pandemic and lockdown may impact on children’s mental health in many different ways.  Children may be experiencing increased anxiety, behavioural problems, or increased conflict at home. The disruption to a routine may be stressful for children, and they may be bored, lonely or confused.   


Children with existing mental health conditions may find that they are exacerbated by the lockdown.


Below is information provided by an Educational Psychologist which will also provide more information and support during the Corona Virus lockdown.


Really useful blog that signposts children/parents/professionals to information and resources around Coronavirus:


A free psychology-informed resource to: (i) support people in coping with the psychological impact/demands of the Coronavirus circumstances, or; (ii) to help practitioners in supporting others to cope.


Free two-week trial of online mindfulness programme (suitable for primary and lower secondary)


A sample letter to parents which gives parents strategies to build resilience and have reassuring conversations with their child(ren). You can use or modify this document to fit your school's needs.


Different Podcasts to listen to regarding Anxiety


This is a great clip for children, explaining the virus and how to stay healthy.


Talking about world trauma with kids-article



Links that CAMHS have put together to support children in coping with Coronavirus:

Information on coronavirus for children

Information for parents of how to support children though COVID19

Information for those struggling with OCD

General information for young people about managing their mental health

Information for those with sensory difficulties who struggle with handwashing