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Spring Two My World

Summer Fayre


A huge well done to Year Six for their efforts with the Berkswich Summer Fayre. In their groups, the children carefully designed a created stalls as part of their projects. They made any equipment they needed, posters to advertise their stalls and ordered the materials and prizes needed. Using their maths skills, Year Six ensured their stalls were costed out accurately to ensure they made a profit. 


What influences does the Media have?


Year Six had a class discussion/ debate about the media and the impact that this can have on us. We used one example of the prime drinks and how celebrities endorse these products. We discussed how this made the children feel and the motivations behind the companies and individuals. We also looked at strategies to decide if influencers are paid to promote a product or if they are genuinely recommending it. We have learnt in our writing that newspaper articles should be non-biased, but when analysing these, we have found that they can often have a biased view.