BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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Autumn One





This terms topic is a perfect for helping the children to make friends and get to know each other. The children will be learning to;


  • Express their own likes and dislikes and compare these with others
  • Talk about their family and share family customs
  • Draw and paint portraits of themselves thinking carefully about what colour to use for their eyes and hair etc
  • Consider what they are good at and think about what they want to get better at



Rules and Routines

Autumn One is a really important term in Reception. Is is during this term that we learn all the rules and routines to ensure that we stay safe and happy for the rest of the year. The children are introduced to our visual timetable which we refer to throughout the day to help us learn about timings and order. Being able to see what is coming next in the school day helps the children to feel more settled and prevents them from needing to ask when lunchtime or home time is. 



From their first day in Reception we positively encourage the children to develop their independence and organisational skills. The children are taught how to organise their things in the morning ready for the day and how to ensure they have collected them all at the end of the day ready to go home. Each child has their own tray in the classroom and we encourage the children to keep this tidy and regularly check them, giving rewards to those children who are looking after their things. When the children come into the classroom in the morning they find their name card and stick this on the 'self-registration' board. We also have an outside board which the children are taught to put their photo on once they have spent some time in the outdoor area.



During this half term we will be revisiting Phase One of the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme. The main aspects of Phase One include rhyming, alliteration and oral segmenting and blending. We will be teaching these aspects through fun and interactive activities. Once the children are confident in Phase One we will move onto Phase Two. 



The primary focus in Autumn One is for all children to be able to recognise the letters in their name and to be able to write it. The children will be taught to write their name ensuring the letters are consistent in size and that they have used a capital letter for the first letter. 


Funky Fingers

Funky Fingers is a series of fun activities for the children to do which builds up their upper body strength (gross motor skills) and finger/hand strength (fine motor skills). We spend lots of time during Autumn One building up our hand strength to help us improve our pencil grip and control when using tools such as a knife or scissors.