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Times Tables

Guidance from the Government:


From the 2019/20 academic year onwards, all state-funded maintained schools and academies (including free schools) in England will be required to administer an online multiplication tables check (MTC) to Year Four pupils.


The national curriculum specifies that pupils should be able to recall the multiplication tables up to and including 12 × 12 by the end of Year Four.



Ever wondered how you can learn your times Tables? Well, here are a few ideas to help you:


Quick Fire:

Use a set of cards with the kings and jokers removed. Shuffle the cards well and then use them as flash cards. 


With a group of people - The dealer turns over two cards. The first person to multiply the two cards together, wins the cards. The person with the most cards at the end, wins the game.


With two people - The dealer turns over two cards for the other player. The other player has six seconds to multiply them together to win the cards. If they answer correctly, the dealer turns over another two cards for them. If they answer incorrectly, they become the dealer and the other player has a turn to win some cards. 



Choose a times table that you need to work on, for example, 6 x. Take the kings and jokers out of the pack, Then play a game of snap as normal, however, when a person says snap, they must multiply the number on the card by the chosen number to be able to win the cards. Continue the game until only one person has all of the cards. They are the winner. 


It's too hot in here:

A game for as many people who want to play. All players put on a coat, an extra pair of socks, a hat and gloves. Everyone sits in a circle and the first person asks their neighbour a times table of choice (making it hard will be a tactical move). If they get it correct, they ask their neighbour a times table question. However, if they get it wrong, the person that asked the question, will take off an item of clothing. The next person will then have their turn. The aim of the game is to be the first to take off their coat, socks, hat and gloves.


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