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Times Tables Support

- Learning Multiplication and Division Facts -


At Berkswich CE, we feel very passionately about the learning of multiplication tables. Some may see this as learning by rote, but we recognise that learning times tables, and other related facts, enables children to see "the many related connections between mathematical facts, concepts and processes" (Kris Boulton). 

(Kris Boulton blog:


Enhancing maths

If you have a rapid and accurate recall of times tables, then this supports in tackling countless mathematical concepts - from fractions and area, to time and addition - the list goes on and on! 



Freeing up working memory allows pupils to develop their reasoning skills

There are certain mental maths facts and operations children need to be able to carry out quickly and with a degree of automaticity in order to free up their working memory for newer, more challenging tasks at hand. If we can ensure the transition of times tables facts to children’s long term memory, and times tables can become an instantly recallable fact, the working memory can be freed up for reasoning and more complex mathematics. 


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