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Please note that these pages are currently being amended.

Our maths curriculum has been devised in accordance with our whole school vision and curriculum intent, which aims to enable all children to flourish and excel – to become the very best versions of themselves that they can be. Our maths curriculum is grounded in the belief that maths is a vital means by which children are introduced to concepts, skills and thinking strategies essential in everyday life. Our aim is for every child to tackle this engaging subject with curiosity, persistence, tenacity and enjoyment.


Please follow the options below to explore each area of maths more fully and to learn and celebrate learning together with us.

Welcome to Maths at Berkswich CE

Exploring Our Approach - Implementing Our Curriculum

Please see the support section below for helpful resources and guidance to use at home.

Enriching Our Maths Curriculum Further

Supporting Children, Parents and Carers in the Learning Journey

Celebrating Achievements and Progress

What's Next? Our Maths Partners