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Stop-frame animation

Can a Picture Move?

This week, Year Three have been looking into answering a big question - Can a picture move? We discovered we could make our own animations like some of our favourite movies using flipbook animation! 


We each got a stack of paper and layered started on the bottom layer to create an 'onion skin' effect. This allowed us to draw over the pictures until we had a waving stickman!

Frame by Frame

This week, Year Three have been creating our own short animations. We have used whiteboards and pens to create drawings and then using an app called 'iMotion' to create our own animations. We made sure to use the 'onion skin' on our display so we can make small changes.

Our Short Animations

Still image for this video

Creating a Story Board

We know that all good stories have a plan! This goes for animations too. We investigated some story boards and looked at what can be achievable to create ourselves using characters. We have planned out a story board for our animation looking at the beginning, middle and end. We can't wait to use these to help us create our animations in our next lesson!