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Phonics plays a big part in Year One. It is one of the ways children are able to access reading. We try to make Phonics as fun as possible so that the children enjoy reading and do not see it as a chore.


Feel free to try reading different high frequency words at home.


  • Use play-doh
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Writing on a blackboard
  • Grafetti paper
  • Writing on the window
  • Use a fly swat to splat words


Don't forget to use your robot arms! 


Try the links below for some fun interactive games.


Why not try these fun ways to read at home?


*Have a paired read. You read a line, they read a line.

*Are you constantly decoding the same words? Why not read the same page over and over again. However, use different voices each time. Why not try the Queen's voice? Or perhaps talking like a little old man? Can you read a page like a baby?

*Too cold outside? Pitch a tent up in the living room, have some marshmellows and take it in turns to read.

*Get a black cloth and cover your kitchen table to create a 'dark room'. Then get your book and torch, then lets read in the dark.

The /ay/ spelling pattern - Mr Thorne Does Phonics

Struggling with a particular phoneme? Or just want to practise some more? Mr Thorne has lots of brilliant videos to help you on your way.

Want a challenge?

*Think of some more 'ay' words.

*Creat some alien 'ay' words.

*Go on an 'ay' hunt around your house. How many words can you find?

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode CH

Using teddies and puppets is a fantastic way to love phonics. Create a mini-classroom with the teddies and play teacher! Remember to teach the teddies to segment adn blend. Don't forget to ask them to write it neatly on their whiteboard. Why not challenge them?

*Ask them to write the grapheme in a different colour to the rest of the word.

*Ask them to use the words to make up a story.

*Have a competition with them. How many time can you write the word in a minute vs how many times can they?

These are some of the exciting activities we do in our phonics lessons. Why not try them at home?