BerkswichCE Primary School

Achieve, Believe and Care

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For the Birds







Dear Little Birds Please stop being nasty to big bird as this is unkind. Just because the big bird is different doesn't make it right to make fun of him. Remember we all have feelings and we can all get upset when someone is mean to us. How would you feel if somebody was unkind to you? I'm sure you wouldn't like it. Life would be quite boring if we all looked and behaved the same. You should never judge someone before you actually get to know them properly. Remember if you see your friend being nasty to someone don't join in. You should not be afraid and show that you don't agree with the bully's. We all need to be kind to each other to make the world a better place.



Dear Little Bird,


I am writing to you because of your dreadful actions to Big Bird. You were very mean to him, which would definitely hurt his feelings.


Just because Big Bird looks different to you doesn't mean you can be mean to him. How would you feel if he did it to you?


Additionally, your actions were dangerous and could of resulted in an injury.


In conclusion there was no reason to do it and I want you to think not to do it again.


Yours sadly,







The little birds were making fun of the way the big bird looks, they were being mean to him by moving away from him and whispering to each other about him. Big bird was trying to join the little birds. All of the little birds started shouting wen one pecked him another bird joined in, this made all the other birds encourage them to be nasty and peck him even more. If the little birds had not been so nasty to the big bird they would not of ended up with no feathers and being naked because now they look stupid. If they had just let him join in with them they could of all been friends. The moral of the story is the big bird had the last laugh.







Selfish Birds

At first the birds squabbled with them selves then a different bird arrived at the wire where they had been sitting on. They stared and then laughed doing funny noises, the different bird did not seem to notice. After that they walked away and turned their backs on the different bird. Then the different bird flew in the middle of them and the wire stretched then the birds pushed the different bird over and he was now on the underside of the wire. Instead of helping him they pecked at his feet that were still holding on when they had pecked at the last one they did not realise that they were going to fling up up into the sky and lose all of their feather’s and be laughed at themselves.


I think that the birds should not have behaved like that because it backfired and they came out of the situation worse than the different bird did. I think that the birds were not afraid to mess with the different bird because there lots of them and only one of him, but next time they might be on their own and would be frightened.



Dear Little bird,


I found your behaviour very unacceptable, laughing at big bird and excluding him. You should not treat people badly because of the way they look. We are all individual, and it is nice for people to look different. It would be boring if everyone looked the same.


People can't help the way they look, and we must remember that someone that looks strange or different, could be a beautiful person inside. You should treat people how you would want to be treated yourself.


It may seem clever to impress your friends, but it really isn't. You should not have to impress people, and if your friends are nice people they would think your behaviour is very wrong. You should always be yourself no matter what.


Furthermore I can imagine that big bird felt sad, lonely, scared and excluded. In a world were you can be anything, be kind.


In conclusion I think you need to reflect on your behaviour and try and explain you are sorry to big bird, and in the future think about the way you treat people.