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Achieve, Believe and Care

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My Body

Understanding our body is key to grow up. We need to know the importance of keeping healthy and what changes happen throughout our childhood.


Click on the different links to learn about the importance of our bodies.

BBC Learning - Parts of the Human Body



Ensuring our brain is healthy is extremely important at the moment. It is key that you take time for yourself and discuss any issues that may be playing on your mind.


Below are some activities that you can try in order to have a positive mind setting.


Breathing Breaks


One way to help you calm any anxious thoughts thoughts and is through having breathing breaks throughout the day. Breath can be used as a tool to reset your mind and physiology. The simple act of focusing on your breathing can help you to unwind, reset and step away from the worried mind. 

Follow the instruction below and observe the rising and falling sensation that it creates in your bodies.

Mindfulness Games


Games that involve the senses help us focus and bring our attention back to the current moment and create a few of groundedness.


  •  Touch: Put a bunch of mystery items in a paper bag and take turns feeling one object at a time and guess what it is as you describe the texture and shape.
  •  Sight: Look around the room or garden in silence for one minute, and point out all of the things you never noticed before.
  •  Sound: Set a timer for one minute and count how many different sounds you can hear with your eyes closed, and then share what you heard with each other.


Mindfulness Cooking


When you are at home all day, you might find that you are doing more cooking. This is a great new skill to learn and fantastic time to spend with your family.


Focus your attention on tasks such as stirring, mixing and weighing. This can be an active, fun way to help concentrate and keep your mind in the present, allowing stressful thoughts to leave the mind. To further use the senses, describe the colours of the ingredients, the texture of the food during different parts of the process, and notice the different forms the meal has taken, from start to finish.


Mindfulness Yoga


Try these different mindfulness yoga videos to help keep your mind in the moment.