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Phonics Play and Further Ideas

Building up our Phonics


Phonics is key to building up our reading skills. It is important to spend 10 minutes each day focusing on phonics to help reading fluency.


Phonics Play is a great way of incorporating online games into this learning. Feel free to login using the code on your letter, start by doing the flashcards and then play 'Obb and Bob', 'Pirate Treasure' and many more.

Tricky Word Lego PowerPoints


Follow your phase PowerPoint and then try one of the activities at the end. If you re unsure of which phase, start with phase 3. If it's too easy, move up a phase or if it's too hard, go down a phase.

Balloon Fun! 

This phonics activity is great fun and you can adapt it (with or without water) for tricky words or phonemes. 

The children pick a balloon, have to say the word out loud and then pop it.

It can be extended to say sentences as well.


Chalk Hopscotch

This game is great to get out in the back garden for some fresh air. Alternatively, if that option isn't available, these can be written on paper and played inside. Draw a 'hopscotch' and rather than filling the squares with numbers, fill them with tricky words, phonemes or specific words. Get the word wrong and you have to start again!



I loved playing boggle when I was younger and used to play for hours with my mum. It is great for helping the children learn their letter names rather than letter sounds. It also keeps grown up minds working too! Use paper and a door/floor/wall to create your own large boggle (you may have to teach the children how to play).