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Summer Two My Relationships

What am I looking forward to...


In a session with Father Graham and Miss Cassie, Year Six reflected on their time at Berkswich and their favourite memories with their peers and teachers in school. Using a variety of film clips, we discussed how the characters may have worries and concerns about the future. The class related this to their own feelings about the future and we discussed coping mechanisms and strategies that can be used to help alleviate them.

Who can I turn to?

Year Six have reflected in collective worship and in class about the trusted adults in their lives. Each child came up with five people they could trust and talk to in difficult situations such as seeing something upsetting online, bullying or if something makes them uncomfortable. This is a lesson that is revisited regularly throughout the year. 

This week, we have read Paper Dolls and described the relationships in the book - it was interesting to discuss other people's relationships and how they are different. We then went outside to create our own paper dolls of all of the people who we have relationships with. Afterwards, we had a time of reflection to consider how these compared to relationships in the bible. We also thought about secondary school and how relationships might change then. 



We respectfully discussed relationships and what is acceptable behaviour. We talked about how our feelings can affect the way we act and how to control them if we are feeling angry.


We thought about the changes that we will go through during puberty - both mentally and physically - and that these are a natural part of growing up.


We talked about when we should or should not agree to keep something confidential or secret.


We talked about feeling pressure to do something and that we have the right to say no.


What do you think? Is it ok?