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Autumn One

What we are learning about in Autumn One?


We are looking forward to taking part in Level 2 Bikeability on Monday 6th September and Tuesday 7th September where we will learn how to safely ride on the roads.


This start off the term, we have an exciting new book in a maths adventure called 'Cut down to size at high noon'. Following this, we will be focusing on our place value of numbers up to ten million including negative numbers, learning through investigative tasks. We will then remind ourselves of the formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, using this knowledge to solve multi-step problems.


We are going to start our English lessons this year with the poetry where we will discover the mysterious Jabberwock. Then, we will venture to an exotic, colourful new world within South America in our class text "Journey to the River Sea" written by Eva Ibbotson.


​​By the time this half term finishes, we will be a class of classification connoisseurs! Investigating the work of Carl Linnaeus, we will be learning all about the classification of living things including how to create classification keys and understanding how all living things are grouped.


We are very excited to start a new History unit: The Kingdom of Benin. This ancient civilisation began in the 900s when the Edo people settled in the rainforest of West Africa. We will learn how it became an empire and what caused this powerful empire to end. 


Art will involve you becoming skilled at taking and altering digital images and combining these with your own created backgrounds, experimenting with depth and perspective.


Some lessons across the curriculum may involve a few sweets or ingredients, so please do inform us if your child has any allergies that we are not already aware of. Our school risk assessments will be fully followed in lessons, such as DT, when the children will have the opportunity to sample a number of globally produced fruit and vegetables.


We can't wait for the new term to begin!

Journey to Jo'burg