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Year Five Leavers 2023

We have been introduced this week to our Christmas Performance song 'That's Christmas to me’!

This song has a simple chord pattern which means that it is easy to add a C pentatonic scale on the glockenspiel, so that's exactly what we did! We each composed a piece and then decided as a class which ones to choose to accompany our music on the night. We can't wait for you to hear what we have done!



In our first music lesson this half term, we explored the piece 'Mars' (see link below) by composer Gustav Holst. Holst wrote music to describe the planets, so we thought that it would be perfect to explore alongside our 'Earth and Space' science unit! After listening carefully, we discussed which planet we thought it might be describing (before we knew it was called 'Mars!'); we then learned that Holst called mars the Bringer of War, which was very much reflected in the piece! When we listened the second time, we thought a little deeper about the piece and asked ourselves:

If the music was describing a colour, which colour would it be?

If the music was describing a shape, which shape would it be?

If the music was describing a line, would it be curvy and smooth or spiky and jagged?

We explored the idea that the music could be describing a spaceship travelling to Mars. As we listened again, we drew the spaceship, alongside our ideas using the music as inspiration! What do you imagine when you listen to the piece?