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Write Character Description

Character Description of Chris


Watch the video of The Darkest Dark so far:

The Darkest

Still image for this video


Your task today is to write your own character description of Chris. You may want to plan your character description first by bullet pointing or labelling the picture (which you can find below). After, write up your character description. Have another look at Roald Dahl's character descriptions and try to include some of the key features that he used such as: carefully selected adjectives, similes, 2A phrases, a range of vocabulary (don't use words such as small, big, nice), adverbs, varied sentence starters and possessive apostrophes. 


Next step: Does the author like Chris? How can you tell?


Chris was a young boy whose brown eyes glinted in the star light. He wore blue, silk pyjamas that loosely fitted. Chris’s blonde, wispy strands of hair were as fine as a spider’s web. Nervously, his hands twisted and clutched around the toy rocket. His eyebrows timidly knitted together. Much like a dog, Chris’s dainty, elf ears twitched at every sound and his toes curled anxiously when the curtains fluttered. His brown, eager eyes searched the room frantically.