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Working From Home

Week Commencing Monday 13th July


Welcome to your last week of being in Year Two. I am so proud of all the home learning that you have completed this term. Well done! Great to see so many of you complete the Berkswich Virtual Sports Day over the past week. The winning team will be revealed by Friday 17th July. Lots of you have enjoyed 'The Colour Monster' story and activities. I have had requests for this to be left on the task list for this week. Please do watch the story if you haven't already and choose one of the activities to do from the list. 


I would like you to have a go at the following tasks this week. Please don't worry if you can't complete all of them. The timetable that I have put below is just an idea. I know that it won't work for everyone. Just try and do as much as you can. 


Session 1


Daily Maths Flashback (10 mins daily) - Please complete these in order and remember only complete one a day.


Amazing Maths - There are lessons in this star for the units fractions, length, addition and subtraction, multiplication and grouping, sharing and odd and even numbers, shape, measuring, weight, volume, temperature and time. Please complete one lesson per day and in the daily order. Each lesson comes with a teaching video which is very useful. This week a new unit has been added. It is further work on time. They are in 'Amazing Maths' as PDFs. This weeks tasks will have the heading 'Summer Week 12'. I have also added the answer sheets. Once you have completed your daily sheets you may like to get a coloured pencil and mark your own questions.


TTR or Numbots - Keep doing these activities during the Summer break.

Session 2


Spelling and Grammar (10 minutes daily) Please revise Nouns, Adjectives and Fronted Adverbials. You will find some fun activities in BBC Bitesize website that is listed below to help you with this task. Go to Daily Lessons, Year Two, English, 'Description Words', Dated 7th July.


Reading Comprehension- There are a number of fun reading activities based on the book, 'Pippa Longstocking' by Astrid Lindgren. The story is about a character that has remarkable strength. She could lift up a whole horse if she wanted to. Enjoy the activities about this story. You will find these activities in BBC Bitesize website that is listed below. Go to Daily Lessons, Year Two, English, Bitesize Daily Book Club: 'Pippa Longstocking' by Astrid Lindgren, Dated 10th July.


Writing- Well done to those of you that have started this grammar booklet. Please continue with this over the next week. I would like to see how much of the Year Two Grammar and Punctuation you have remembered. Please have a go at the link below. It is a really fun booklet full of grammar and puntuation activities.The answers are also included so after you have completed an activity you can find out how you have done.

Click here for Your Year 2 Grammar Booklet


Don't forget to continue learning your spellings.

Session 3


There is a wonderful book called 'The Colour Monster' written by Anna Llenas. It is all about a monster that wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place: he feels angry, happy, calm, sad and scared all at once. To help him, a little girl shows him what each feeling means through colour.

Please listen to the story. You will find it on YouTube - 'The Colour Monster -Read by Sherry'.


Activities linked to 'The Colour Monster'

1. Retell the story from the point of view of The Colour Monster.

2. Could you mix your own colours and paint a picture of The Colour Monster.

3. Make a large scale model of The Colour Monster when he is different colours.

4. Create your own Colour Monster puppets and use these to put on a show.

5. The little girl puts The Colour Monster's feelings into jars. Draw things that make you happy, angry, sad, scared and calm. 

6. Think of other emotions and choose colours that might represent them (e.g. frustration, disgust, envy).




Music/Art- Vivaldi

Enjoy listening to the music by Vivaldi. Then have a go at the activities suggested on BBC Bitesize, Music, 'Explore Music and the Seasons with Vivaldi', Dated 10th July. One of the tasks is to draw or paint pictures that show what the music makes you think of. This may be a place, character or maybe each sound has its own shape. Please send me a photograph of your completed art work through Seesaw.




Have a go at any of the other tasks in the yellow stars below. There are so many fun activities to choose from. It has been great to see so many of you trying out the different activities that are below.

Session 4

Reading/Story Time

Continue to read daily either a book that you have at home, a book on MyOn or a colour banded book that matches your school level on Oxford Owl. Maybe try out some of the fun activities in the Summer Reading Challenge once you have joined. Encourage adults to read to you as well. Enjoy the adventures that your books take you on! 


This week I will be working in school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I will be working from home on Thursday and Friday. 


Have a wonderful week!


Take care.


Mrs Maxwell


Here are some useful website addresses for you to use:


MyOn log in for students-



Phonics Play-

Oxford Owl-

BBC Bitesize-

Pyjamarama with Staffordshire Libraries-