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Which Book?


The chart below shows which book, on average, the pupils should be on. Since the spellings from the more challenging new national curriculum have been added to the books, it is probable that many children will fall a little below year group expectations initially. Over time, it is expected that the books indicated below will become the average 'spelling level' for each year group.


If a child moves past the expected book, then it they will be given a blank book containing spellings from their own writing or from curriculum units in school. This ensures that no-one learns spellings that are beyond their comprehension. If a child is not able to use the words in their speech and writing, then the spelling may not be retained.

Farm Yard and Down Under books are extra books. Able spellers may use these books so that they are extending their vocabulary and learning new spellings that are not too tricky to understand and use in their own writing. Children in Year Five may move onto Detective book, missing Farm and Down Under, if they can cope with the spellings. They may return to these books after Detective and Monster, if necessary.