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Time Spent Reading

Time spent reading

The importance of daily reading practice cannot be overstated. Recent studies indicate that when students spend at least twenty five minutes a day reading suitably challenging books which they successfully comprehend (demonstrated by achieving 90% or more on the reading practice quiz), then they will achieve optimal reading age growth. This is the power of personalised, daily practice. Indeed, the top five percent of students read, on average, about forty minutes a day.


Did you know that if a student is reading for only fifteen minutes in total a day, then research shows that this actually leads to a drop in reading level? Daily reading is time well spent. An independent study has shown that after just twenty two weeks on the programme, children using Accelerated Reader daily, will add an additional three months onto their reading age.


What should my child aim for?

We set individual time targets for every child. These usually start from twenty five minutes a day. Your child's teacher will ensure that their target is known. Using the information behind the scenes, teachers are able to see the average number of minutes a child has spent reading each day; this allows teachers to celebrate successes and encourage and support pupils who are struggling to meet their recommended reading time.