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Taking Book Quizzes

What happens after reading?

Once a child has read a book, they take a book quiz; this always happens in school. We recommend that this is taken as soon as possible after finishing the book. At the end of the quiz, the child will find out their score (and so will any parent who has requested this through Home Access). It may seem strange, but we are not aiming for 100% every time!



Check that the correct quiz is taken

Please ensure that the correct quiz number is added, not the title. There are books with the same author and title, but at different levels. By typing the title of a book, your child could end up taking a quiz that is much harder than the text that has been read.


From time to time, we find that children take the quizzes for films that they have watched! This may be tempting, but it is definitely worth a word of warning. The quizzes have been specifically written so that it is almost impossible to score over 85% from the film alone.