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Spring Two

What are we learning about in Spring Two?


Vita Marlowe has a mission. 

Her beloved grandfather, Jack, has been cheated out of everything he owns by a notorious conman with Mafia connections. Vita is determined to set things right - so she devises a plan to outwit Jack's enemies. She finds a young pickpocket, working the streets of the city. And, nearby, two boys with highly unusual skills and secrets of their own are about to be pulled into her lawless, death-defying plan.

In writing this term, we will using Katherine Rundell's (author of 'The Explorer') latest adventure-packed story to practise our narrative writing skills. We will be focusing on describing characters, settings and atmosphere and using dialogue for different purposes. Our end piece will provide an alternative ending for the book to include flashbacks in various ways. This will also link closely to our Geography unit this half term where we are focusing on North America and the geographical aspects of human features, physical features and diversity. 


Our 'Reading Adventures' this half term will consist of reading and discussing a wide range of non-fiction texts that are structured in different ways. For the first 2 weeks, we will be learning all about musical composer Mozart and his tragic life history. Afterwards, we will be reading texts linked to our 'North America' geography unit where the children will have lots of opportunities to retrieve and present their findings from the text. During Spring Two, Year Five will be delving deep into the following skills:

  •  read aloud and to understand the meaning of new words that they meet
  •  checking that the book makes sense to them, discussing their understanding and exploring the meaning of words in context
  •  asking questions to improve their understanding
  •  retrieve, record and present information from non-fiction
  •  participate in discussions about books that are read to them and those they can read for themselves, building on their own and others’ ideas and challenging views courteously
  •  explain and discuss their understanding of what they have read, including through formal presentations and debates, maintaining a focus on the topic and using notes where necessary
  •  provide reasoned justifications for their views
  •  identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning
  •  summarise the main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph, identifying key details that support the main ideas


In maths, we will begin with my favourite - fractions! During week one, the children will learn how to compare and order, find equivalent fractions, convert between improper and mixed number fractions and add and subtract fractions. For the next few weeks we will be investigating properties of shape - this will include: identifying shapes, finding missing lengths and angles, exploring regular and irregular polygons, estimating and comparing different types of angles and  drawing and measuring angles. We will then explore decimals and percentages; here the children will be solving problems involving: reading, writing and ordering decimals, rounding decimals, converting between percentages, fractions and decimals and knowing percentage and decimal equivalents. Last, but not certainly not least, will be all about measurement with a particular focus on volume and problem solving. We will continue to use our LBQ to help with understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving. 


We look forward to a practical Science unit this half term where we will be digging deeper into the systems that keep us alive. There will be an extremely messy lesson on the digestive system and a very tiring lesson on the circulatory system! We might even have a go at making (and drinking!) our own blood...


Our tennis skills have significantly improved since having weekly coaching with Mr Proud at Walton Tennis Club. We are pleased to be continuing this for the next half term until Easter along with our weekly gymnastics lessons that Mrs Andrews will now be taking us for!


Our music lessons this half term will be centred around our upcoming Pyramid Concert at Walton High School. Throughout this unit we will be using body percussion to create atmosphere, understanding the need for good posture, breathing and diction whilst singing, singing with an understanding of how the interrelated dimenstions of music affect the performance and its impact on the audience, responsing to visual clues when performing and directing others. Children are also encouraged to discuss music in subjective and objective terms using musical vocabulary and recognise how it reflects its purpose.


We are extremely excited for our Design and Technology unit - Caribbean Cocktails! This unit will also link to our North America learning as children will be understanding where food comes from and linking recipes to other cultures. They will learn about the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, and how a fruit drink can be one of their portions of 5-A-DAY. They will investigate products and evaluate the nutritional value on labels, especially on fruit juices and smoothies.  They will plan recipes, develop criteria, taking customers’ needs into consideration. When making their cocktails they will revisit health and hygiene rules, and learn new skills when preparing fruit. They will present their work to others and evaluate their own and others’ work in a positive manner.


We can't wait for the new term to begin!