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Spelling Books at Berkswich




As the spellings become more complex, your child may receive a book with a speech bubble at the bottom of each set. This will be ticked at school once your child shows that they understand the words in the set and can say them in a suitable sentence. 

In the last book - Safari Book - the children will be asked to write the root word for each spelling and then write a sentence to demonstrate their comprehension of the word.




In the Garden and Bee Books, your child's teacher will highlight the eyes at the top of a set, to indicate that your child needs to learn to read the words in the set. Please do not tick the boxes at home. After being tested in school, the teacher will highlight the tick at the top of a set to show that your child needs to learn how to spell these words.

In all other books, the teacher will highlighted the tick at the top of a set to indicate the set of spellings for the week. Again, please do not tick them at home.

Every time your child reaches a golden bar (see picture left), then they will receive a 'Big Check-up' and the tick in the second column will be highlighted at the top of three or four sets.  This means that all of the spellings since the last golden bar are re-checked in school. These will be tested in full sentences.  Once your child has spelt these correctly, then they will move onto the next set.



When your child has learnt each set, they can celebrate by colouring in one of the pictures on the last double page. At the end of each book, we take the opportunity to congratulate each child's successes, presenting them with a certificate in our Friday Celebration Assembly. There are fourteen certificates to collect!