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Space Speech

W/C - 8th June - Spacewalk Speech


Please work your way though each activity as you scroll down this page. Read each task carefully so you don't miss any important information.


Starter: I would like you to recap the rules for direct speech. Look at the two examples of speech below. I would like you to use this to help you bullet point the rules for writing direct speech.


What is a Spacewalk?

A spacewalk is when astronauts go on the outside of the International Space Station and they make repairs or conduct scientific experiments. Because astronauts have to be very careful, a spacewalk usually lasts between 5 and 8 hours!


This is a picture of the International Space Station. It travels around the Earth and it is in space. It orbits (goes around) the Earth 16 times every day!


Your Task


Have a think about what might have been said during this space walk. Your task today is to write a conversation between two astronauts that are going on a spacewalk.


Questions to think about:

How might the different astronauts be feeling before, during and after a spacewalk? How do they move and why? Can you have a go acting out a spacewalk?


You can print the sheet out (at the bottom of this page) or you can write your conversation on a piece of paper. The astronauts on the paper are called Jessica Meir and Tim Peake. 


Here is an example conversation. I have used some advanced rules for direct speech that you can have a go at if you want to challenge yourself.