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Seed Dispersal

Seed Dispersal


Seed dispersal is the movement, spread or transport of seeds away from the parent plant. Plants have limited mobility so they transport their seeds in a variety of ways: wind, animals, water and explosion. Watch the videos below for more information.



A seed adaptation is a special feature that the seed has which helps it get dispersed or transported.


Seeds dispersing by animals can grow in brightly coloured fruit that may smell or taste nice to attract animals to eat the fruit containing the seeds. Also, some seeds have little hooks that help them to attach to animals' fur. 


Some seeds have fine hairs or wing-like structures that help them to be carried by the wind.


Trees and plants that disperse their seeds by water, often grow near rivers or seas. Their seeds are often adapted to be light and buoyant so they can float on and be transported by the water.


Seeds that are dispersed by an explosion are ejected when the pod or fruit they grow in dry out in the sun.

Extra Challenge:


Why do you think seed dispersal is important? HINT: Think back to our plant experiments (what a plant needs to grow).


Do you think these seeds disperse in the same way? Explain your answer.