Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, regrettably we are unable to invite parents into school for a tour of Berkswich CE primary and nursery. We understand that choosing the right setting for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your child’s learning journey. With this in mind, we hope to provide you with a range of opportunities to allow you to gain an insight into life as part of our special Berkswich community and the chance to ask questions. We certainly welcome the opportunity to support and reassure you as you organise your child’s first steps into Nursery and Reception. We are offering virtual meetings to provide an opportunity for new parents to meet our headteacher, EYFS leader and teaching staff. This will provide a great opportunity for you to ask questions and find out about our community and learning at Berkswich CE. Your child is a vital part of this process, and so we welcome them to join in with the meeting.

Reception slots

Tuesday 17th November 9am – 10:30am

Tuesday 1st December 3:30- 5:30pm

Tuesday 8th December 9am – 10:30am

Nursery slots

Tuesday 19th January 9am– 10:30am

Tuesday 2nd February 3:30—5:30pm

Tuesday 9th March 9am—10:30 am

To book your ten-minute virtual meeting on one of the following days please call the school office on 01785 337360 or send an email to

Please visit our admissions page to take a closer look at our Nursery and Reception classes, as well as our admissions arrangements. Thank you.

BerkswichCE Primary School

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School Admissions

School Admissions Applications


At Berkswich CE Primary, we follow Staffordshire’s School Admissions arrangements; there is a link to this service to the right. 




At Berkswich, we have excellent relationships with other pre-school settings; the Early years teachers carry out visits to these Nurseries to ensure a smooth transition for children.


Our structured transition programme allows parents and children to attend weekly learning sessions in our Reception class during the Summer Term. In addition, parent induction meetings are held in the Summer Term and we also invite parents to attend a family lunch with their child. All Reception pupils are allocated a ‘buddy’ from Year Six. Buddies work with the Reception children throughout the school year and reinforce our Christian values and nurturing, family atmosphere.


The quickest and easiest way to apply for a Reception class place is to complete an online application. Parents can apply online from the beginning November. The closing date for applications is usually mid January. Please note: you must apply for a place even if you have an older child already attending this school. Please see the Staffordshire admission site for the opening and closing dates for this year.


If you are unable to apply online you will need to download a form found by clicking the link on the right.


The form can be emailed to Alternatively, print it out and post it to:


School Admissions and Transport Service

Staffordshire County Council

2 Staffordshire Place


ST16 2DH


The school admissions staff at the council are able to offer advice and guidance regarding your application on 0300 111 8007.


Admissions – Other Year Groups


As outlined in our admissions policy, we have a class size limit of thirty children in Year One and Year Two. These classes can occasionally exceed thirty, if the Local Authority has accepted pupils as ‘permitted exceptions’ which breach the class size pledge. Please contact the school if you require information about these classes.


Our Key Stage Two classes (Years Three, Four, Five and Six), have a class size limit of thirty. Please contact the school if you require information about these classes.




If the total number of preferences for admission to a school exceeds the school’s Published Admission Number (PAN), the Local Authority's order of priority is used to allocate the available places. Please see below for a full description of these criteria.


Visits to School


If you are considering applying for your child to attend Berkswich CE Primary School, visits are warmly welcomed. Please contact the school office and speak to Mrs Harper to arrange a visit with Ms Jackson, our Headteacher. Contact details and directions can be found on our 'Find and Contact' page from the 'Our School' tab.


To view our Admissions Policy, please visit the 'Policies' area from the 'Key Information' tab.


Oversubscription Criteria


If the total number of preferences for admission to a school exceeds the school’s Published Admission Number (PAN), the following order of priority is used to allocate the available places. (N.B., after applying the oversubscription criteria, where an applicant can be offered a place at more than one preferred school then they will be offered a place at the school ranked highest on their application.)


1) Children in Care and children who ceased to be in care because they were adopted (or became subject to a child arrangement order or special guardianship order).


2) Children who satisfy both of the following tests:

Test 1:  the child is distinguished from the great majority of other applicants either on their own medical grounds or by other exceptional circumstances.


Medical grounds must be supported by a medical report (obtained by the applicant and provided at the point of application). This report must clearly justify, for health reasons only, why it is better for the child’s health to attend the preferred school rather than any other school.


Exceptional circumstances must relate to the choice of school and the individual child, i.e. the circumstances of the child, not the economic or social circumstances of the parent/carer. They should be supported by a professional report (obtained by the applicant and provided at the point of application), e.g. social worker. This report must clearly justify why it is better for the child to attend the preferred school rather than any other school.


Test 2:  the child would suffer hardship if they were unable to attend the preferred school.

Hardship means severe suffering of any kind, not merely difficulty or inconvenience, which is likely to be experienced as a result of the child attending a different school. Applicants must provide detailed information about both the type and severity of any likely hardship at the time of application.


3) Children who have an elder sibling in attendance at the preferred school (or in the case of an infants school, the affiliated Junior school) and who will still be attending the school at the proposed admission date; (For admission purposes, a brother or sister is a child who lives at the same address and either: have one or both natural parents in common; are related by a parents marriage; are adopted or fostered by a common parent or are unrelated children who live at the same address, whose parents live as partners.)


4) Children living within the catchment area of the preferred school


5) Children whose parents regularly attend a Church of England church, or a church in communion with the Church of England, or of a church which is affiliated to the Council of Churches for Great Britain and Northern Ireland or the Evangelical Alliance. Evidence of such attendance will be required in the form of a letter from a minister of the Churches concerned. Regular attendance is defined as attendance at a church service (or an explicitly defined church activity) on a Sunday or weekday on at least two occasions per month for at least two years.


6) Other children arranged in order of priority according to how near their home addresses are to the main gate of the school, determined by a straight-line measurement as calculated by the Local Authority’s Geographical Information System.


Where it is not possible to accommodate all children applying for places within a particular category then the Local Authority will allocate the available places in accordance with the remaining criteria. If for instance, all the catchment area children cannot be accommodated at a school, children who are resident within the catchment area will be arranged in order of priority according to the remaining criteria.